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Lishkat HaGazit - School of Government is an independent educational institution, established to cast the light of Torah upon the question of Jewish Government. It will prepare the future bearers of public office to serve the nation when the kingship is reestablished, the sooner the better.

Lishkat HaGazit has set up as its goal working to bring about the fulfillment of the three commandments the Israelite nation was given in anticipation of its imminent entry into the Land of Israel, viz.: to appoint their king and establish his kingdom, to wipe out the seed of Amaleq and to build their Holy Temple.

Lishkat HaGazit operates in Jerusalem. In its efforts to provide as general a public as possible with the benefits of its findings, Lishkat HaGazit - School of Government distributes the contents of its lectures in the web and in printed format as well.

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Academic Staff

Prominent personalities associated with the "National Camp" are grouped in the Academic Staff of Lishkat HaGazit.



Author of Useful Guide for the Exchange of Populations

Yoel Lerner is a linguist, translator and educator. He was born in the USA and came to Israel on Aliyah in 1960. He founded the Religious High School in Kiryat Shmona "HaMatmid" in 1965. He joined Rabbi Meir Kahane's movement in 1972 and in 1985 established the Sanhedrin Institute of Research to study the path to reestablish the authentic Jewish Law in the country. Two years later he published a paper in the "Takdim" review in  which he described the outline for a Jewish Constitution based in the Jewish Law. in 1987 he published an article supporting the White Regime in South Africa in which he exposed the moral and ideological infrastructure for this regime.


Author of Throne and Crown , a book aimed to promote the Reinstatement of the Kingship in Israel

Yosef Dayan is a member of the Senate of Lishkat HaGazit. He was born in Mexico City and came to Israel in 1968. He is a scholar who has published several volumes of the huge enterprise Mikraot Gedolot Haketer, the new edition of the Tanach. He has also translated the best of Spanish literature into Hebrew. Currently living in Pesagot,   he was for many years Rabbi Meir Kahane's right hand man. He is a prominent member of the Dayan family of Aleppo, who claim descent from King David.


Adv. Baruch Ben Yosef had been for 5 years the Chairman of the Movement for the Restoration of Beth HaMikdash. He was among the promoters of the establishment of Ozar HaMikdash, a public fund for the building of the Third Great Temple. He is the founder of Yeshivat Har HaBayit, where the students learn primarily the items related to the sacrifices to be offered on Temple Mount. He is also one of the most devoted activists who struggle to build an altar in Har HaBayit and to renew the sacrifices.

He founded the Yehuda Fortress Youth Movement after his firstborn son was killed by IDF soldiers when serving at the Antenna Tophill as armed guard.

Attn. Ben Yosef represent in Court many of the Settlers Jewish activists who oppose the establishment who face the heavy and hostile hand to the Leftist Prosecution in the State of Israel.

He is Jonathan Pollard's lawyer and represents him in his legal struggle.  


He is one of the most prominent researchers of Hebrew literature. He wrote many essays and articles in the media and in specialized and scientific reviews as well. Prof. Weiss is one of the most solid pillars of Lishkat HaGazit, School of Government .

Recently he published the book Derech Hamelech (The King's Way) in which he sums up many years of prolific writing.

The book triggered already new approaches regarding the essence of the Jewish people and its huge enterprise: Zionism.


Designer of the Menorah posted in the Cardo (Main Street) of the Old City of Jerusalem

Hayim Odem is one of the most prominent artists of the "Jewish Nationalist" stream. He is the designer of the Crown and the Throne of the future King of Israel. Most of the pictures adorning the site were designed by him


Author of Kahane et le Kahanisme (in French)

Shulamit Elisheva Bar Itzhak is a writer, translator, and teacher of Torah. She was born in Jerusalem and lived in France until 1980, when she returned on Aliyah. In 1984, she became Rabbi Meir Kahane's assistant. From 1991, she studied with Rabbi Yosef Kapach. She had a weekly radio show in 1997 in Hebrew and English, analyzing the news in the light of Torah teachings. In 1998, she obtained the Diploma of the Jerusalem Institute of Biblical Polemics and published a series of articles on the Bnei Noah Laws in their magazine. In August 2000, she created for the Evelyn Torah Center the web site“Torah for Gentiles

Lectures Rabbi Yosef Elabaum will speak about Har Habayit and Beth Hamikdash in Pesagot, Monday 5th 2004, at Mifa'al Hapayis Center, at 20:30.

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Political Life in Isael from The Associated Press05/01/2004 11:04
Right-wing extremists on Sunday held a gala ceremony at an illegal outpost, underlining conflicting pressures on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - his obligation to remove the tiny settlements despite stiff opposition from his own supporters.

Hundreds of the most extreme among the West Bank settlers, dancing, singing and carrying assault rifles, gathered at the outpost of West Tapuah on Sunday night to bring a Torah scroll into their synagogue, in a show of stubborn permanence.

The government recently paved a road leading up to the outpost,
established by followers of the late U.S.-born Rabbi Meir Kahane, who pushed for the expulsion of Arabs from Israel and the West Bank and was assassinated in New York in 1990.

At nightfall Sunday, hundreds marched to the outpost, which consists of three buildings, carrying banners of the banned Kach movement and signs reading "Kahane was right." Some set off fireworks.

At the ceremony, the militant "Kahane Lives" group, which is on the U.S. State Department terrorist list, dedicated a seminary at West Tapuah. Justice Minister Yosef Lapid told Israel TV that the seminary was going to teach Kahane's "fascist principles," and the government must shut it down. Kahane's political party and movement were outlawed as racist by the Israeli government.

Small children waving flaming torches in the darkness shouted, "Expel the Arabs!"

"For a long time Jews didn't live here," said a man who identified
himself only as Jonathan. "This is the real Jewish state, now we have it we have to defend it."

Lishkat HaGazit adds:

On January 4th, 2004 we went to Tapuach, where the good people of the Yishuv organize a huge event, bringing hundreds of people to the new Beit Midrash to study of the Authentic Jewish Idea. Yesterday they brought in a new Sefer Torah.

Despite the fact that Sharon said that he will order to dismantle the building, the Jews who crowded the place proved that almost 25 years of persecutions did not put an end to the ideology. They simply know that it is the truth and they will not compromise. We saw there many individuals who born after Rabbi Kahane was assesinated . Others neither met him nor heard him speaking. But they were there, wearing T shirts of Kack and Koach. Shouting Kahane Chay! This was really very impressive.


Books About 300 people attended the special evening devoted to the great book “The King's Way”
by Prof. Hillel Weiss
, which was, according to a wide consensus, very impressive. Soon we will post in this site the reactions of the media and the public as well as the summary of the dissertations.On behalf of Lishkat HaGazit and the Forum of the 3 Commandments we want to thank the public and the speakers.

In the meantime we have posted the main lecture of the evening, given by Profesor Aryeh Eldad (in Hebrew) and some pictures
Eldad's lecture Pictures